Designs are my passion since I was a child: As a child I’ve always enjoyed drawing and doodling but I never pictured myself pursuing that career path. After working many short time in another field, I decided to pursue my passion and long years I work as a textiles graphic designer. I’ve always loved to draw and create something new.

Her design approach combines her excellent hand-drawing and painting skills with contemporary techniques such as computer aided design. His focus is on whimsical, trend season patterns and interesting color separations in order to create unique pieces that stimulate your inspiration and imagination.

My designs are delicate and crisp, and mostly inspired by nature. I love to walk around outdoors taking pictures of leaves, flowers, buds and everything else that might inspire me. With all those pictures in mind, I then draw, draw and draw….and before I realize a new pattern collection comes up, fresh and clean.

Talip Memiş’s work focuses on textile prints and patterns characterized by vibrant, colorful designs with delicate details featuring botanical, floral and abstract themes.

I have been in fashion industry for long years, designing for the leading companies in my country. Year 2016 i decided to take a big step and created my own company! I created a cosy office in my home where i surrounded my self with flowers to take inspiration from.

She creates compelling brand identities and authentic illustrations that connect people to companies and organizations using strategy, color and storytelling to craft user-centric solutions. I combine both hands-on and digital techniques in my design process.

Currently the majority of Talip’s designs are available for purchase with Standard or Extended License Options on Trendprints. If you wish to obtain exclusive rights with a Premium License to some of Talip’s designs, please contact Trendprints for further information.

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Talip Memis is currently working on new collections, which will soon be available for licensing and selling.
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My Expertise

Behind every great fashion business lies a strong supply chain and carefully managed product development process.

Creative Design

His focus is on whimsical, trend season patterns and interesting color separations in order to create unique pieces that stimulate your inspiration and imagination.

Surface Design
  • Original artwork design and development
  • Original motif development
  • Print repeats
  • Colour separations
  • Consultancy
  • Trend and forecasting information
Technical Production
  • Colorways
  • Color separations
  • Repeated and Unrepeated Pattern Design
  • Print-ready files for apparel and print
Branding Design
  • Logo design and development
  • Business naming
  • Packaging solutions
  • Branding, web
Print Design
  • Business card development
  • Packaging design
  • Event invitation design
  • Brochure design
  • Marketing and promotional material
Art Direction + Concepting
  • Trend
  • Color Direction
  • Inspiration
  • Mood Boards
  • Presentation Materials


Any ideas, you can share your criticism and resources, you can send a message regarding consulting and design work

istanbul – Turkey

Leonardo da Vinci


"Art is never finished, only abandoned."