Textile Print Designer

Talip Memiş is a freelance surface pattern and textile print designer currently based in istanbul, Turkey. Designs are my passion since I was a child: I’ve always loved to draw and create something new.

Talip Memiş’s work focuses on textile prints and patterns and characterized by vibrant, colorful designs with delicate details featuring botanical, floral and abstract themes. Her design approach combines her excellent hand-drawing and painting skills with contemporary techniques such as computer aided design.

His focus is on whimsical, trend season patterns and interesting color separations in order to create unique pieces that stimulate your inspiration and imagination.

She specializes in fashion print design for mens (shirt) and womenswear, however her experiences, skills and design approach ensure that her designs are versatile, commercially viable and applicable for different surfaces. She creates various trend focused print designs such as all over repeats, placement and graphics prints for both mens and womenswear.

Currently the majority of Talip’s designs are available for purchase with Standard or Extended License Options on Patternbank. If you wish to obtain exclusive rights with a Premium License to some of Talip’s designs, please contact Patternbank for further information.

Talip Memis is currently working on new collections, which will soon be available for licensing and selling.

Talip Memiş is available for freelance design work, commissions and collaborations. Don’t hesitate to contact her : info@talipmemis.com.tr

All questions and feedbacks are welcome!

For licensing/collaboration and all other enquiries please contact form me.

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